Meet the Tweets

Cherry Blossom Lane is filled with the sounds of the Tweets who live there; laughing, playing and especially having fun!


Lighthearted & Cheerful

Lindy loves looking on the brightside and knows that the best game to play is one where everyone is having fun! 


Dramatic & Super Fantastic

Pipik loves to laugh and is always looking out for something new and funny to make him giggle. 


Eager & Outdoorsy

Davey is easy going and loves to make new friends. He loves nature and is always the first one outside waiting for the others to come and play. 


Curious & Always in Motion

Bitsy has a boundless sense of curiosity and wonder. She always has something new, sparkly and exciting to show the group. 


A Wonderer & Worrier

Stanton is a born scientist, always reading, writing and thinking. He is an independent tweet and is happy to play a game alone as he is in a group.

The Tweedlebums

Mischievous & Silly Beyond Belief

These 4 year old quadruplets are crazy cute but a heaping handful of trouble. They are sweet little kids looking for fun and can turn a naptime lullaby into a full-on dance party!