Nursery Rhyme Music Videos

Join LindyPipik, Momma, Poppa on a sweet and silly singalong adventure! For the little tweets of Cherry Blossom Lane, every day is a chance to make new friends, discover hidden wondersand appreciate the small things life has to offer 

Humpty Dumpty

Sit down Humpty Dumpty!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Follow our sweet little spider on his trip to the top

Five Little Monkeys

Come sing along!

Old MacDonald Had A Farm


ABC The Alphabet

Learn Letters with Sweet Tweets

When I’m Feeling Sad

Turn your frown upside down!

32 Original Songs to Enjoy on Knowledge:kids!

Get your dancing shoes on cause these are gonna make you want to get up and boogie!


Healthy Eating

Who is ready to sing and dance with the Sweet Tweets? Learn why fruits and vegetables are the ultimate in healthy treats!

Veggies Song

Get to know your veggies

Garden Song

Growing your own garden is lots of fun!

Fruit Song

We love fruit!

Broccoli Song

Broccoli! It’s delicious and nutritious!

Bananas Song

It’s time to sing about BANANAS!

Carrots Song

Get ready to crunch along to a tasty tune

Meet Jon Izen

Creator of Sweet Tweets